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MagazineDesigner & JournalDesigner

Flatplan Creation for Magazines and Newspapers

Build your

Build your flatplan with a few clicks. Pull all items needed like layouts, adverts, inserts easily with drag & drop into the right position and visualize them in the plan. Use the library for standard components and templates. Work parallel on the same plan with others.

Set Status & Ease Communication

Set the status for a single page and share this status with other users or send ith to other systems. You can define your own status events and implement your approval process to trigger action accordingly.

Consider regionalization

Do you need to create individual pages for different regions in one issue or do you want to use the same pages, structure across different publications?
We provide the tools to support both in a very intuitive and easy way.


We are connected to many systems and build new interfaces every month to support a seamless integration. This includes editorial content, topics, hires files, advert bookings, content planning tools and printer.

Design Your
Look & Feel

Customize your look and feel to fit to your requirements. Make it easy for your people to understand what they see by using for example the same colours for all publications across all countries and departments.

Central or de-centralized approach

How do you create your content? Which department is responsible for which section?
There are many different ways to built your publications based on your objectives, processes, organisational setup, responsibilities etc. We are fully flexible and support all different ways and concepts.

How do you want to work?

via web


on Premises


How do you deliver your pages to the printer?

Approve and move pages to printer with one click. Steer your production process across different systems.
Contact us to learn more!

Do you already know which story to publish?

Stay flexible and plan different layouts on the same page. Send planning information to related departments for preparation so you are ready in time.
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Share with Readers

Create transparency

Share the actual plan and the status of every page, adverts with your colleagues and provide different views in realtime.

Different Views

Readers View, Flatplan, Pageflip, Status-, Section-, Ladder-, Layoutproduction-, Editorial View are possible representations of the data. Browse through the issue and view messages and notes of other users.

Distribute status

Send the current status or an extract of the flatplan or the entire magazine to external or internal parties.

Add your comments

Add your comments to every item or page and share these with your colleagues.

Special inserts

Highlight special inserts and regional content to others.


Generate statistics on ad/text – ratio, product categories of adverts, regional splits and more.


Automatic Pagination of Classified Ads

Built your Classified Section

Built and design your classified section or page and add this to your flatplan with a simple drag & drop.

Automatic Placement & Completion

Classified ads, fillers and headers can be placed automatically or by drag & drop. Set fillers, element lines, column lines by predefined rules.


Let the system calculate the required space and consider this in the flat plan. The makeup will be done automatically. Do the makeup pagewise, classwise or for the whole material at once.

PDF Proof

View the entire or part of the page as PDF and check design. Export the final version to other systems.