AdPortal, AdvertManager, ReservationDesigner





AD Material Delivery

Ease Communication with Customers

Improve and ease your communication with advertiser, agencies and repro studios by providing a portal to upload their adverts. Customers can review already provided adverts. They can also provide different versions of an advert for different languages.

Send Automatic

Send a -standardized- automatic or manually triggered email to your customers requesting advert material. It could be send for example one week before a certain deadline to make sure material is provided in time.

Consider own

The adportal can be adapted to reflect your processes and requirements to make it as easy and efficient for you and your customers as it can be.

Include Preflight Checks

Adverts are automatically checked and compared to requirements stipulated in the advert booking. Customers immediately receive feedback and can provide a new version of the advert material if necessary. Integrate your own system into the data flow to add further checks.

Design Your
Look & Feel

Use your own corporate colours and designs to provide an exeptional UI to your customers.


Use standardized mail templates for communication with your customers.


Advert Administration & Planning


Already checked ad material is available and linked to the booking. Manage the next steps from this module and include all necessary departments.


Create transparency over the current status of delivered, outstanding ad material and delivered ads. Send reminder if necessary or include further checks. The AdvertManager is connected with the AdPortal so the material is directly provided to the right person.

Automatically Link Material with Booking

The advert booking can be automatically assigned to the advert material saving a lot of unnecessary time. This helps you to avoid mistakes and speeds up process.

Assign Tasks

Assign tasks like final checks or changes to responsible persons and be directly informed when done to avoid delays.

Automate Communication

Steer the communication with your customer and send reminder or requests with one mouse click to your customers out of the AdvertManager. No email or phone calls need to done.

Create the

Create your displayed ads based on design templates. Create your classified ads of different complexity and apply templates with various place-holders for text and images. Use the WYSIWYG display when creating artwork here.


Use the connection with the AdPortal and our flatplanning tools and adbooking systems. There you can place the ad material as soon as it has been uploaded and review delivery and placement.

Reports & Statistics

Analyse the provided statistics and keep track of current developments easily.


Plan Advert Reservations

Create Reservations

Create reservation and make sure that important customers receive the correct place. Manage your premium advert places and sell free space across different issues. Review late deliveries and outstanding ads.

Replace reservations with bookings

Replace ad reservations with the correct actual bookings as soon as they are delivered. Recognize easily where reservations are not confirmed.

Reports & Statistics

Analyse the provided statistics or design your own reports to keep track of current developments easily.

Find Space for Ads Easily

Search across all your titles and issues for the right space. Insert ads as soon as received and monitor current status.

USe the Connection

Use the connection to the AdPortal and our flatplanning tools. There you can merge reservation with ad material as soon as it has been uploaded and review delivery and placement.