topicManager, TaskManager, DeadlineManager





Content Planning

Collect your Ideas, Content

Define and categorize your ideas. Define the necessary details like ressort, status, deadline, issue. Store the ideas in a pool for future usage.

Manage Tasks related to Ideas

Define and assign tasks to editorial staff and monitor progress. Use the Gantt diagramm to receive a good overview of who is free soon.

Add your notes,
files to ideas

Attach your metadata and files, pictures, articles, videos, layouts to an idea to store and share it.

Use Templates to create ideas

Use story templates to create drafts of editorial content for upcoming issues. Then check which content is available when.


Assign & Monitor Tasks

Define and assign

Define and describe a new task. Assign these tasks to the right person or group. They will receive their task in the section 'My Tasks'. Monitor the status and progress in different views.

Define and Calculate costs

Develop and implement your price lists and calculate your costs for every task automatically.

Automatic E-Mail distribution

Send automated order mails for your tasks like creation of a text, of photos, of a layout. Include a link for the reply form.

Integrate external contractors

Allow freelancer, external contractors to take part and contribute. Download tasks and assign tasks to external contractors.

Different views to keep track

Keep track of all tasks and their progress in the Gantt diagram Use the chronological representation to receive a better overview. The status colors help displaying the progress.


Implement & Follow Deadlines


Define all important deadlines for different elements. These can be managed in schedule grids and monitored.

Connect to other calendars

Include these deadlines into your Outlook or Apple Calendar etc.


Use templates which allows the automatic creation of schedule grids while taking holiday calendars into account.

Filter for important

Filter and change your views to see the most important information.